What is Techlouder.com all about?

Here techlouder is a tech blog which is focused on micro-controller technology, Arduino development, computer programming languages (mainly qt for now and xamarin will be added in future) and tech reviews. The site authors main goal is to help newbies succeed in the technical world by providing tutorials and guidelines which will make their tech journey real easy. The phrase “tech” which stands for technology has an extremely wide area which is practically hard to cover in a single site. Even the above said few categories have tons of content to talk about. So let’s see what techlouder will provide you and what areas it will cover in brief.

  • Microcontroller tutorials and guidelines. Here we will mainly cover PIC, Atmel and ST microcontrollers.
  • Arduino tutorials, projects, guidelines, and tips.
  • Cross-platform programming using qt for desktop development. Xamarin for mobile development.
  • Other tech reviews.


Techlouder vision

To help newbies who are willing to get into the tech field, by helping them gain the required knowledge real quick. As a result, reduce the number of give-ups.


Techlouder mission

Providing high-quality tutorials, guidelines and tips frequently to our readers by working hard on it, day and night.


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About the author: Lakshitha Dias

techlouder author - Lakshitha Dias
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I am Lakshitha Dias, an electrical Engineer by profession who’s interested in helping newbies by teaching what I know.  As a result, blogging became my passion. My main interests are Digital electronics, web development, programming, problem-solving, gadgets designing and drinking coffee. I strongly believe in self-studies and hard work than on college education.  I was always interested in DIY stuff since I was a kid. Later on kept a foundation to automation by building robot applications at college. There improved my knowledge on industrial applications from the microcontroller to PLC system installations.

Here I work day and night to deliver the best content to you. If you feel this site interesting please subscribe to my newsletter. I never spam you, Unsubscribe at any time. Motivation always matters. Feel free to drop me a line using the contact form at any time. I personally reply to all messages but be patient, give me at least 24 hours. 🙂 Want to hire me? You are welcome and I always like to here from you.